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The X1000 Features

•1 tube light (600 lumens) •4 bulbs (220 lumens each)  •Mobile phone charging   •Smartphone  •Feature phone  •Portable Radio with FM/AM/SD Card  •Torch
•Long runtimes for whole night use…up to 18 hours

Affordable and flexible repayment:  
Total Price of one unit is ₦145,000
But,   on PayGo Customers Can Get the X1000 with an Initial Down Payment of Just ₦10,000 !!!
With a flexible repayment plan of:
₦300 daily for 450 Days          OR
₦2,100 weekly for 64 weeks 
₦9,000 Monthly for 15 months
to pay off the buyout balance of ₦135,000. Full ownership is then gotten upon full completion of the payment

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